Sheri the Cat, Chapter 2


They stuffed me in a cardboard box without any holes for me to see out.  This was very uncomfortable and I like to see where I’m going so I can reference some landmarks in case I get lost in the future.  So, there I was in a box going to my new home.  Andrew carried me and I could hear them talking.  Gary said, “Don’t open that box until we get home, I don’t want that cat going to the bathroom in the car.”

Well, first of all, quit calling me “that cat”, my name is Sheri.  Secondly, I don’t go random to the bathroom.  Any lady worth her kitty litter would never go random.  We don’t mark our territory like male cats, which I think is a disgusting habit.  Male cats…they are so uncivilized.  Most of them should be arrested for vulgar behavior.  I bet I have kittens from Toledo to Largo.  Oh well, now I am rambling.  Finally the car came to a stop.  I was finally starting to relax a little as the conversation in the car was not about eating me or using me for target practice.

Andrew sat me on the kitchen table and opened one end of the box.  I took a quick glance and decided my best bet would be to get to high ground and see where that Lab named Jet was.  I made a quick bolt, and jumped about 6 feet in the air to the kitchen counter.  Wow, I didn’t know I could jump that far.  I sat there for a few seconds and I could hear a big pawed dog cutting across the living room right toward me.  So, in another easy leap I was sitting on top of the refrigerator…safe.

Jet started barking at me insanely.  I just stared her down and told her my name was Sheri and that I have come to live in the house with her, and there would be no trouble from me as long as she didn’t sniff around my personal anatomy.  “Jump down!  I want to give you a dog kiss!” she shouted.  I didn’t want this to get out of hand so I gave her one of my ferocious shouts followed by a shrieking hiss.  Nobody is giving me a dog kiss!

Gary and the boys went out to get me some essentials.  Gary told Andrew to make a list: a litter box with a cover over it, cat litter, cat food and to make an appointment with the vet to get me checked out.  “Okay Sheri, we’ll be back in a few to feed you and get you settled in,” Andrew said.  Food!  Yes, food!  Please get the expensive all-natural blend.  The cheap food gives me heart burn.

I gave Andrew my most forlorn look and an my most pitiful meow of hunger.  That should get the message to him, I thought.  Gary told Michael to lock Jet up in Michael’s bedroom.  Ah, I have some time to check things out, I thought.  When I heard the car leave the driveway jumped to the counter and then to the floor.

Surprisingly, the house was very clean for having a dog and two teenage boys.  I went from room to room exploring and checking out some hiding places for future events and some great sleeping places.  What I need now, is a good meal and a nice quiet place to sleep.  For right now, I think that place will be on top of the refrigerator, as it may take me a couple of days to get it straightened out with that huge dog, Jet, that I am the lady of the house.  Yes, there are no human women living here.  Just a house of all men and a big female lab named Jet.

I dozed off for a while and heard the door open, the boys and Gary were back with my supper.  Gary set up my litter box and Andrew was pouring some food in the new dinner bowl they had purchased for me.  It was so sweet of them, the bowl had little hearts on it.  Andrew picked it out.  As hungry as I was, I decided to wait until everyone was asleep before I would come down to eat.  Everyone went to bed fairly early.  Andrew has his own room and Jet was sleeping with Mike in his room and I could hear Gary snoring.  So, I jumped down to eat and get a drink of water.  I was so thirsty from my day’s ordeal.  Mmmmm…I was happy to see they bought me the expensive food!

I ate until I was full, drank a good amount of water, always listening for that big pawed Jet to come running through the house to smell me, but she slept very soundly.  Still, I thought it would be safer to stay atop the refrigerator.  I kind of like the little vibration it made when the motor went on.  It reminded of my kittens purring when we would all sleep together.  I must have fallen asleep very quickly and spent the rest of the night dreaming of my playful days when I was a kitten.


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